Cloud Based Application Hosting

Our Application hosting is One-Stop solution to host all your desired applications on cloud with zero hassles that too on managed servers.
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    phpbb hosting
    Host Custom Applications
    Host any of your favourite software on HostSall Cloud Application hosting without any restrictions or compromise on performance
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  • xenu link sleuth
    Xenu’s Link Sleuth Cloud Hosting
    Host and Use Xenu Link Sleuth on Cloud Application Hosting replacing the legacy desktop system and move processing and data to cloud hosting
    Starts From
    Coming Soon
    sitebulb application hosting
    Sitebulb Cloud Hosting
    SiteBulb Cloud Application Hosting enables the application to be used on Cloud Desktop systems with more security and scalability
    Starts From
    Coming Soon

How Application Hosting is different?

The World is moving forward to cloud at a growth rate of 300% after the Covid Era. Its high time to adapt the technology which is cheaper, secure and scalable.
Regular Desktop Systems
  • ❌ Expensive Local Hardware is required
  • ❌ System cannot be accessed by other employees/users
  • ❌ Data Sharing is a headache
  • ❌ Scalability is difficult
  • ❌ Maintenance is required
Cloud Based Systems
  • ✅ No Expensive Local Hardware is required
  • ✅ System cannot be accessed by other employees/users
  • ✅ Data Sharing is a headache
  • ✅ Scalability is difficult
  • ✅ Maintenance is not required
cloud based application hosting
application hosting

200+ Applications to Host on Cloud

HostSall Cloud Application hosting is perfect for everyone. From Individuals to Enterprises, everyone can get the benefits due to scalability and nature of the product.
Already Available
More than 200+ Major Desktop Applications are already compatible with HostSall Application Cloud Hosting.
Custom Requests
We're Happy to receive and accept requests for all desktop applications as per the user requirements.

Advantages of Cloud based Application Hosting

We only use high-performance SSDs designed for sustained performance and endurance.
All our application hosting plans now include 1GBPS  Port Speed at no extra cost.
Cloud Based Processing
Since all the processing is being done on cloud, you don't need expensive local hardware to run applications.
Upto 7 Users
Upto 7 Users can access the same cloud at a time making coordination between users easier
No Setup Required
Everything is already setup and no configuration is required from user end making acces user friendly and easy 
Instant Scalability
The benefits of cloud is that you can scale almost instantly. Out of storage or power? Not a problem with cloud
Performance Guaranteed
With upto 128GB of RAM, it means that you can host any application without worrying about resources
Solid State Drives (SSD)
All Our Plans offer high-speed SSD, which means that Data saving and accessing will be faster than ever

Trusted by Our Clients

HostSall Application Hosting is loved by users. With all the client's love, we're able to bring new innovating prodcuts and ideas to the market.
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  • Perfect
    Having Screaming Frog on cloud is a dream come true. It allows my agency to crawl websites without any hardware mantainence
    5 Stars!
    As a SEO person, Screaming Frog is a must have. And with it being hosted online, I can share the data with my clients in real-time
  • Must Buy
    Instead of buying the regular desktop version, I would highly recommend going with HostSall Application Hosting as cloud is the future
    Game Changer
    Can't believe why somebody else hasn't thought of it!! Now that it is here, I think it is a game changer for all the Digital Marketing Agencies
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